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At last, you can connect your PSP or DS to the internet easily, cheaply and WIRELESSLY! With WiFi MAX, a whole world of online gaming is opened, and for PSP you can also manage your files and surf the net from almost anywhere in the house.

WiFi MAX for PSP or DS couldn't be simpler to use. Just plug your USB WiFi dongle into your internet-enabled PC to create a Wireless Access Point. You can then connect to the internet and play online-enabled multiplayer games with gamers from all over the world. Just the thing if you don't have a wireless router! Best of all, WiFi MAX supports up to five ‘local' gamers at a time, so you and your mates can all play online at once!

For PSP as well as multiplayer games, WiFi MAX also lets you organise your media files and download them to your PC using our exclusive MAX Media Server software. Transfer MP3s, images and video files from your PC to your PSP from anywhere that's within range of your new WiFi network.

As it operates on the Wireless G standard, it's five times faster than an ordinary WiFi connection, and if you use our USB cable and dongle stand (supplied), you can position your dongle to maximise your effective WiFi range.

If you have other WiFi-enabled devices capable of using the internet, such as laptops or PDAs, you can take them online with WiFi MAX too. It's the ultimate device for internet surfing without a WiFi router!

Features :

- Internet gaming through any internet-enabled PC.
- No cables necessary – make a wireless connection.
- Organise your files, and convert videos into a PSP-friendly format.
- Five times faster than standard WiFi.
- Suppled with software CD and WiFi dongle, and also a USB cable and stand for optimal positioning.

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