Action Replay Max + 64 MB Memory Stick  PSP


If there's one PSP peripheral you really shouldn't be without, it's Action Replay MAX. It has everything you need to get the absolute most from your favourite PSP games. There's an Action Replay Memory Stick, with an amazing 64Mb of storage space, a USB 2.0 cable to connect your PSP to your PC and a CD containing PC software which allows you to manage your saves, MP3s and movies, as well as download more materials from the CodeJunkies server (internet connection required). The AR MAX disc gives you easy access to thousands of specially created PowerSaves, which you can transfer to your PSP using the supplied USB Cable, and store on the supplied MAX Memory 64MB memory stick. And remember, PowerSaves are no ordinary saves. The CodeJunkies boffins who create these things are not only expert gamers, but they have the skills to hack into each game and make things happen that simply wouldn't otherwise. Awesome! You can start a game with Infinite Health, Infinite Lives, All Characters, Every Level Open and more. But there's more to Action Replay MAX for PSP than game-busting. With MAX, you can put the PSP at the centre of your digital lifestyle. Want movies on the move? No problem. Transfer videos to your handheld, storing them on memory stick and converting them to a format playable on your PSP. MAX supports avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, wmv, mov, mpe and 3gp. Also supported are MP3 music files so you can use your PSP as a portable music player. No wonder they call it the Walkman of the 21 st Century! And by transferring image files using MAX, you can use your PSP as a portable photo viewer. Features:- Powerful Action Replay software. - Fast USB 2.0 cable. - 64Mb Memory Card. - Download PowerSaves directly from the CodeJunkies server. - Organise your movie, MP3 and save files. - Archive your PSP materials on your PC.

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