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Met originele "Nintendo" seal!.
Verpakking: Duits, game multilanguage.

WarioWare, Inc: Mega Party Game$ continues the tradition of frantic microgame action. All of the original cult-classic microgames are back, this time supporting a host of multiplayer party games. The microgames serve as a way of advancing each player's position within the multiplayer games...if you do well in the microgames, your position in the multiplayer game improves. Your friends mess with you while you're taking your turn and try to make you blunder. A solid single-player mode gives hardcore fans lots of things to unlock, and a huge variety of party games give casual gamers tons of reasons to keep coming back for more WarioWare. More players than you can shake a stick at! Play with up to four players in most party-game modes, or share a Controller among 16 players for some of the craziest gaming you've seen! Tons to unlock! Play through single player to unlock over 200 minigames and more than a dozen additional features, including bonus game modes, movies, music videos, and more!

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