Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match  Playstation 3


Eclectic cast of characters: The combatants in AquaPazza are a diverse bunch - from the studious bookworm Manaka who, no kidding, attacks with a bookshelf to the lance-wielding, shield carrying Sasara
Partner system: Players select from one of the thirteen partners to accompany them; Players get rewarded for aggressive play styles and the partners add an additional skill element to help break defensive play
Tournament-level competition: Developed by Examu and Aqua plus, AquaPazza has a strong backbone of fighting game mechanics with twitch response times and huge combos
Variety of gameplay modes: Each character has a storyline of their own, which unlocks the "another story" mode and an alternate ending; There's also a time-attack mode, training mode and a gallery mode
Online play: Take to the internet to challenge players in ranked, unranked and friends-only matches

Platform Playstation 3
Categorie Software, Special Items
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